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Total Distortion
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You are an adventerous tourist just starting out exploring exotic planes of distortion. You have heard of one in particular that has caught your attention known as dimension 1400556 or the distortion dimension because of the abundance of loud guitar noise there. Within this dimension all manners of alternative music coexsist in the form of icons or stars-
Betty Pink A Punk Rawk Girl With An Attitude And Vocals To Match.
Johnny Fang A Blues Singer With Killer Riffs And Vocals.
Edgar Death A Gothic Child Of Evil That Muses About Being Dead.
As a touring member of the distortion dimension it is your responsibility to post all manners of distortion and establish yourself as an icon.
You do this by:
-Posting Lyrical Natured Material.
-Posting Any Philosophical Alternative Writings.
-Posting Links To Any Distorted Sites.
-Establishing An Alternative Handle Within A Genre And Attitude.(examples taken - Betty Pink for Punk Rawk, Johnny Fang for Alternative Blues, Edgar Death for Gothic)
-Thinking Outside Of The Box

-This is not a place to post help for the game Total Distortion. This is a direct distortion dimension. Role playing encouraged. Insanity recommended. For hints and cheats on the actual game go here:

-For the orignal Total Distortion game to find out what this community ia all about go here for MAC & PC Versions (Under 3 MB):
(Shareware.com search for Total Distortion)